activating anti-aging serum

1.0 fl oz./ 30 ml$130BUY

What if you could actually prevent the signs of aging before they even appear? With this innovative serum, it's finally possible. A true ANTI-aging product, the remarkable formula actually challenges the aging process by protecting cells and increasing their restoration ability, teaching them to look and act like those found in younger skin. The difference lies within its triple-action formula, engineered with a 360° Technoblend, a double dose of Remède's signature Green Defense Technology, and the SRT-21 'smart' delivery system. An essential step in any beauty routine.

A Triple Action approach to anti-aging:

  • 360° Technoblend: Dynamic ingredient "cocktail" improves cell longevity by restoring aging cells to their healthy, vital, youthful state while working to preserve the skin's infrastructure.
  • Green Defense Technology: Powerful cellular shield against environmental aggressors contains more than 36 essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins to reduce DNA fragmentation by 85% versus untreated cells.
  • Skin Reaching Technology: "Smart" delivery system engineered to carry active ingredients to the areas in need, resulting in effective, truly customized and targeted skincare.

Morning and evening, apply two drops and gently massage onto face and neck. Follow with your current Remède ritual.