LABORATOIRE REMÈDE focuses on advanced anti-aging beauty "therapies" that perfectly combine science, nature and the senses. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, powerful combinations of botanical active ingredients and refined textures, we have created avant-garde solutions for the skin concerns of the most demanding and active lifestyles.

The LABORATOIRE REMÈDE difference is found within a trilogy of compounds: Green Defense, SRT - 21, and skin type - specific Technoblends. These three technologies work synergistically to restore skin balance for optimal function and appearance.

Long known for exceptional customization, recognizing no two faces or complexions are the same, LABORATOIRE REMÈDE has created a dynamic skincare system that allows for customized regimens for each individual. Discover the LABORATOIRE REMÈDE expert therapies and experience complementary, innovative formulas designed to address specific skin concerns, while promoting stable, healthy and youthful-looking skin.