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Skin color variation is known to reflect blood flow, which often builds up around the thin under-eye skin. As the most delicate facial skin, the eye area is the first to show the signs of aging and more easily inflamed. Stress, exhaustion and allergies all can cause blood flow to slow and fluid to build up, resulting in dark circles and puffiness.

  • This hydrating, and lifting eye cream, immediately brightens and revives the eye area
  • Redensifies the fragile under eye skin, restores moisture, and improves circulation, treating concerns where they start
  • Free radical fighting Green Defense reduces DNA fragmentation by 85%*
  • The exclusive Hydra Therapy Technoblend is infused with Citrus Peel and Sorb Tree Bud extracts to promote circulation and improve skin tone, diminishing dark circles and puffiness.
  • Repairs cell strength of the hydro-lipid barrier, and collagen and elastin networks.
  • Immediately the under eye area is illuminated with Soft Focusing Powders, while lifted and smoothed, with Oat Polysaccharides and Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract allowing for even and longer lasting makeup application.
  • SRT-21 delivers ingredients to areas of need, targeting dark circles, and inflammation, acting as a "GPS" for actives.

Morning and/or night, gently smooth around the entire eye area with light tapping movements.

Store Hydra Therapy Eye Crème in the refrigerator to gently soothe puffy under-eye area.