Oxygen + Vitamin C Brightening + Revitalizing

1.0 fl oz./ 30 ml$130BUY

Oxygen is essential to generate cell energy and tissue repair, however it is depleted as we age from environmental aggressors. By the age of 30 oxygen levels have dropped roughly by 25% in most, and continues to decline as we age. Antioxidants and oxygen are crucial for basic cellular functions.

  • Featuring two of nature's most proven radiance boosters: Oxygen and Vitamin C in a dual formula system, each formula is combined with Green Defense to deliver actives in balanced and stable concentrations, providing maximum antioxidant protection .
  • A unique combination of two active formulas: a potent oxygenating active formula that stimulates the metabolism for a brighter complexion, and Vitamin C at 10%, a powerful antioxidant and collagen booster preserved separately in an airtight chamber for intensive skin revitalization.
  • The vitamin C formula contains two lipid- and hydro-soluble, stable forms of vitamin C for maximum stability when exposed to oxygen, and effective and active pH levels, working synergistically to correct the signs of aging and protect against future damage.
  • This unique combination increases collagen synthesis, brightens and evens skin tone, protects against UV damage, and gives skin a radiant appearance.
  • SRT-21 delivers ingredients to areas of need, targeting collagen and elastin, acting as a skincare "GPS"

Ascorbyl Glucoside – A less degradable highly stable form of vitamin c, effects are sustained longer and at active levels, for maximum antioxidant and collagen stimulating benefits

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate - A highly effective form of vitamin c, it is lipid soluble so it easily penetrates into the skin, and stimulates skin to make its own natural moisturizers, while boosting collagen synthesis and lightening dark spots

Apply to face and neck each morning after cleansing and toning for normal and mature skin types, and again in the evening for oily & combination skin types. Avoid eye area. Follow with the appropriate moisturizer.

Use single dose of Vitamin C serum as a spot treatment for pigmentation. Use single dose of Oxygenating serum as spot treatment for problematic areas prone to breakouts.