1.7 fl oz./ 50 ml$115BUY

Inflammation from blemishes causes free radicals as skin works overtime to heal damaged cells. When skin is balanced optimal function can be restored, and natural repair can take place without additional irritation and damage.

  • This smart, oil-free, triple action gel-emulsion regulates sebum, refines skin texture and minimizes pores while lifting and firming skin.
  • Free radical fighting Green Defense reduces DNA fragmentation by 85%*, acting as a powerful cellular shield and protecting with its 36 essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins from stems cells of the White Nymphaea flower, and combined with advanced forms of Vitamins A, C, & E
  • Featuring the Matte Therapy Technoblend infused with sebum-regulating Modified Polysaccharides, to give skin a matte finish without causing irritation
  • Protects against blemish causing bacteria, while restoring pore strength and elasticity so pores can be repaired and reduced
  • Immediately skin is smoother, and pores appear smaller with Rose Shaped Powders, while Oat Polysaccharides work to lift and firm skin, allowing for even and longer lasting makeup application
  • SRT-21 delivers ingredients to areas of need, targeting oil without over-drying, leaving skin soft and balanced

Apply to face and neck after cleansing and toning. Follow with appropriate eye treatment and Translucent UV Coat.

For maximum balance, use in conjunction with Intensive Double Serum.