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The fragile under eye skin is the thinnest on the body and the first to show the signs of aging. With less collagen and elastin it is most susceptible to sun damage and environmental stresses causing the protective skin barrier to weaken and supportive fibers to break down

  • This lifting and firming eye balm immediately diminishes the appearance of wrinkles with line-filling Jasmine Wax
  • Rejuvenates and strengthens the delicate eye area, while instantly brightening and evening skin tone with Soft Focus Powders
  • Restores collagen and elastin networks, while prolonging cell life by stimulating SIRT-1 (the "longevity gene")
  • Free radical fighting Green Defense reduces DNA fragmentation by 85%* delaying cell aging
  • Stem cells of the White Nymphaea flower, the revolutionary core of Green Defense, protect against oxidative damage with its 36 essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins plus additional advanced forms of Vitamins A, C, & E
  • Featuring the exclusive Wrinkle Therapy Technoblend infused with Hibiscus Seed extract to redensify and strengthen cells by protecting naturally occurring growth factors
  • Amino Acids improve firmness and continue to reinforce skin over time, reducing the appearance and depth of wrinkles
  • SRT-21 delivers ingredients to areas of need, acting as a "GPS" for actives, balancing skin and restoring optimal function

*(in-vitro testing)

Morning and evening, gently smooth around the entire eye area with light tapping movements after applying facial moisturizer.

To further soften the appearance of deeper wrinkles, blend eye balm with Soft Focusing Lotion for a smooth finish.