A unique trilogy of compounds – Green Defense, skin type-specific Technoblends, and SRT-21— work synergistically to restore skin balance for optimal function and appearance.

1. Green Defense: Environmental Protection

At the core of LABORATOIRE REMÈDE formulations is Green Defense Technology. Derived from stem cells of the precious European White Nymphaea flower, containing more than 36 essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, this powerful cellular shield is shown in vitro to reduce DNA fragmentation by 85% versus untreated cells, providing exceptional defense against the harsh elements of modern lifestyles and causes of premature aging. Combined with a lipid- and hydro-soluble stable form of vitamin C, together with vitamins A and E, this unique blend is further enhanced to provide maximum antioxidant protection against free radicals.

2. TECHNOBLENDS: Targeted Skin Therapies

Regardless of complexion or skin type, skin naturally becomes imbalanced as it ages, resulting in loss of hydration, firmness, vibrancy and elasticity. To counter the aging process, LABORATOIRE REMÈDE created Technoblends - dynamic combinations of highly targeted ingredients to address specific skin deficiencies - to help skin recover and maintain its natural stabilizing function for balanced, more youthful-looking skin. In addition to the solution-specific Technoblend, each product formula is enhanced with complementary ingredients tailored to the area of concern to boost performance.

3. SRT-21: Skin Reaching Technology

Recognizing no two faces are the same, LABORATOIRE REMÈDE combined these targeted Technoblends with SRT-21 - a "smart" delivery system – providing unparalleled customization. Engineered to carry active ingredients where needed, SRT-21 creates a pathway acting as a "Skincare GPS" and boosts the skin's response to actives, providing immediate, as well as long term results, helping skin function at its optimal level by not only restoring balance and efficiency, but also fostering cell communication to increase repair.

    The Expert for the First Signs of Aging
    The Anti-aging Expert for Dry, Sensitive Skin
    The Anti-aging Expert for Oily, Active Skin
    The Wrinkle Repair Expert
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